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ArtDependence | Symbolism in Art: Water

We Work With. Water A fundamental element in our projects. Light The chromatic synchrony of water with state-of-the-art lighting systems puts us in the technological vanguard of spectacles of water and colour. Music The fountain becomes an original form of entertainment, where music and colour come together in a composition conducted by water.

Making a Splash: 11 Artists Who Have Used Water as a Medium | KCET

Video The designers of our multimedia spectacles are expert scenographers, choreographers, engineers and musicians with ample experience in the world of artistic fountains. Laser Lasers contribute a technological value to our shows, emphasizing the rhythm of the most powerful moments with nearly limitless fantasy effects. Fire The tandem of water and fire constitutes an unexpected attraction, a surprise that never ceases to amaze the spectator.

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We Work At. National Heritage Renovation of Historical Fountains. We hope you can take your time to stop by booth R9. K Spanish Cluster and see how we can help you! Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

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Photography: LudoFotografia Contact us for more information: info ghesa. Wirtmann Group Sp z o.

Aquatic imagery: The power of water in art throughout the ages

European Conference. Water is also used to symbolise purity and cleansing; this is more apparent in historical, ancient and renaissance pieces than more modern pieces; especially when used in paintings of deities. Water can alter the entire mood of a representational piece depending on how it is depicted. For example, have a look at the water used in The Birth of Venus by Botticelli above. The sea is calming and appears to be warming, providing the entire artwork with an overall feeling of serenity, calm and awe. If the sea had been depicted as wavy and frantic; the aesthetic, mood and emotional qualities would be entirely different.

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The depiction of water in a painting or any other medium of art can alter how the painting is received by a viewer. Whether the artwork is abstract, painterly, or wholly representative, water is a universally recognised symbol meaning that anyone can view the artwork and take something from it; so long as the landscape continues to inspire artists — so will water.