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The only way to cross that Empty Quarter is to improve communication — and that is going to be up to you. Would it help to think of him as a foreign language speaker, a person with whom just a little tutoring could open up a whole new world? Knowing that underneath that Billy Goat Gruff exterior lie all the emotional undercurrents you yearn for will hopefully make it worth the initial arduous steps. You are definitely not unique, and watching other families from the outside very rarely gives a true picture — my husband and I were once so impressed by the caring, affectionate behaviour we witnessed in a visiting family that we resolved to end our incessant low-level bickering and behave in the manner of our guests.

If you have a dilemma, send a brief email to mariella. Follow Mariella on Twitter mariellaf1. Topics Family Dear Mariella. Parents and parenting features.

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Now sex may destroy the platonic friendship, but it might lead to something deeper and more permanent. Max may find he's in for a complete surprise when he gets into bed with his friend. Unfortunately, you can never tell until you've tried. She might be so sexy, sensual and loving when she tears her clothes off, that he becomes completely hooked.

But it might be a disaster. If so, wriggling out of sleeping with her again is going to mean he has to reject her, unless he's prepared to go through a dismal bedtime charade every time they meet. Whether he has sex with her or not depends partly on whether he's a gambler. But, at this stage, I think he should probably say no. There are, after all, more attractive ways to seduce people than to say: "Let's have sex - it won't mean anything," which, even to a man, is surely a fairly bleak and mechanical prospect.

Men don't like being used any more than women do. And love usually plays a greater part in their enjoyment of sex than some men would like to admit. I don't usually write to newspapers, but after reading about Max's dilemma it struck such a chord that I felt I had to.

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I too was in such a predicament a rather pleasant predicament in that I was 28, a single man, had been engaged and had a close female friend who wanted more than just a friendship. It was further complicated by her having a six-month-old daughter, Hannah, by another man long consigned to history. I dithered for ages as I too didn't feel that I loved her. However, after going away for a few weeks, I missed her greatly and we ended up in bed upon my return.

It was certainly awkward afterwards but, because our friendship was so strong, we got over this. I had been reluctant to take this step because I feared getting involved in a relationship that I didn't want. However, our relationship had changed - for the better. Once the "Shall we, shouldn't we?

Love doesn't necessarily come like a flash of lightning, but can grow from friendship perhaps it is better for that. We are about to celebrate our second Christmas together and we look on Hannah as our daughter. Therefore, although it may not necessarily work for Max, if he doesn't try it, he'll never know - which is the worst scenario of all.

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If the friendship is strong, it will survive. Go for it! I'm terribly impressed that you are now getting messages from beyond the grave, because I'm quite certain that Max has died and gone to Heaven! There are millions of blokes the world over who, confronted with the possibility of a lavish sex life with no strings attached, would not be dithering and writing to newspapers about it.

They'd be into the bath, down to the florists via the chemist and presenting themselves on the appropriate doorstep with a broad grin.

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It would seem that Max ought to revise his attitudes towards women. They are not that terrifying. In most relationships, a good friendship is essential; if it's already there then he should capitalise on it. As the philosopher said, life is not a dress rehearsal. This is it. This sounds fine in theory, but warning bells are ringing in my head. Firstly, in my personal experience, I have never known a woman enter into a relationship for reasons of friendship, without finding that she then falls in love and wants more. Secondly - be careful that she hasn't just realised she wants a baby before it's too late, and sees you as just the man to father it, with or without your agreement.

I feel you are looking for a committed relationship with someone you love. I assume by love you mean romantic love. What a marvellous state to be in, and wouldn't it be fantastic if this ecstatic state went on forever. It rarely does. One of the pitfalls for many romantic lovers is that they see their lover through rose-coloured spectacles. In an ecstatic state one "projects" qualities onto one's partner that they do not possess. With time the magic wears off.

Three important components of love are intellectual commitment, intimacy, both sexual and emotional, and sexual passion. It sounds as if you already have the emotional intimacy and it's this that is so important in any long-term relationship. The importance of friendship first and love second is that one is much more likely to have got to know the true - rather than illusory - qualities of a partner before "falling in love".

As long as your relationship is one of true friendship respect for each other and emotional intimacy , then I think your friendship will be cemented by having sex, and - who knows - it might be followed by passion and commitment.

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Seventeen years ago, I took in a kitten that had been cruelly abandoned on a motorway. Snoopy was a cat in a million. He was more like a dog than a cat, and would follow me from room to room each day. He would even come along with me for short walks in the country.

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Sadly, he had become very ill over the last year, and I kept thinking to myself that it would be kinder to have him put to sleep. However, the vet said his time had not yet come. Snoopy became iller and iller, and finally I found him stretched out in the hall, having been sick and unable to move or lift his head. He was just skin and bones. I took him back to the veterinary surgery, but this time it was a different vet on duty, and he put him to sleep straight away. I took my mouth off Mike's cock and stroked it as I looked over my shoulder to see Charles rubbing his cock with one hand and my wet pussy with the other.

Before I could say anything Mike grabbed my head and pulled it back onto his cock. I kept on sucking as he guided my head up and down his shaft. Then I felt the fingers slide my thong off. Only moments later I felt a cock head pressing against my pussy. I moaned as I felt it slide in slowly.

Mike was groaning louder and louder as he held my head down on his cock. I felt hot warm spurts of cum shooting down my throat as I felt Charles pumping his cock deep inside me. I sucked all I could from Mike's cock as he slid it out of my mouth. Before I could let out more than 2 loud moans I had the biggest black cock I had ever seen dangling in my face. I quickly gobbled it up, sucking it to a full 10 inch erection. Not long after I felt Charles grab my hips tight as his cock withdrew from my pussy.

I heard his loud moans as he shot a thick load up my back and on my ass. He pulled out of my mouth and moved around to my backside. Slowly pushing the head up against my tight ass. Feeling my asshole stretch around the thick cock. I looked over to see daddy stroking his thick member in his seat. I smiled at him and wiggled my finger, motioning him over to me. He walked up to me, cock in hand, as I let my mouth open wide to let out a moan.

I felt Jake sliding in and out, working his cock in deeper each time. Daddy stood in front of me, slapping his cock on my face. I opened up wide as he shoved it deep down my throat, almost making me gag. My tits starting to bounce all around as I took a dick in the mouth and another driving hard and deep into my ass. Moaning as I slid a finger between my legs and rubbed my clit, fingering my pussy. Both men grabbing hold of me and using my mouth and ass.

Grunting it out as we all start fucking in a rhythm together. Before long Dad pulled out of my mouth and started jerking his cock in front of my face. At the same time I heard Jake shout out "I'm gunna cum in your ass! Just then I felt another hot creamy load splatter against my face. My own pussy shivering with pleasure as I felt a warm rush shooting throughout my body. Jake kept right on pumping as his cock spurted a big load into my ass before pulling out.

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Dad finished off his load that covered my face. All the men were sitting back in their original seats, drained from the action. I stood with cum dribbling down my thighs and from my face onto my chest. Licking it off my lips and rubbing it into my chest. I better see you all again for the next party here though, right? Report Story.

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